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This is the wiki for the Facebook game named "Clout", the world's first satirical political simulator MMORPG. All players are more than welcome to contribute information and correct errors.

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About CloutEdit

"Clout is a text-based satirical political “simulator” of sorts, where you play as a member of the US Federal Congress, but with a dark, humorous twist."

- Kongregate Game Description

In Clout, you play as one of the thousands of people in congress, whose job is to... well you don't really have a job to do, but you can try to get bills passed, or get bills to fail, introduce bills, be a leader, assassinate the president, get the USA in top shape, destroy the USA, try to get dirty politicians out of office, or be a dirty politician yourself, or just muck around, the choice is yours!

Clout is part of a larger group of games that are interconnected, known collectively as The Cloutiverse. Currently, the only game other then Clout near completion at this time is The Lobby, which allow player controlled lobbyists to influence the world of Clout.

The developer is delosford on Kongregate, and goes by Q in-game.

Update information can be found on the Clotiverse forums : Edit
The Facebook page can be found here: Edit

The Kongregate version can be found here: [Removed]

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