Bars are where lobbyists can restore there sanity, by purchasing drinks and waiting a certain amount of time (currently 10 minutes for the full effect of all drinks). Drinking in bars also increases characters inebriation stat, which currenently slurs the speach of messages by the lobbyist in bars and conference rooms, although it may have further effects in the future.

Currently, all drinks take 10 minutes of being within the bar for the full sanity gain/intoxication gain.

Drunken Monkey Tavern - K Street

  • Drunken Monkey Porter: $15, 5 Sanity, 15 Intoxication.
  • Drunken Monkey Pilsner: $15, 5 Sanity, 10 Intoxication.
  • Drunken Monkey TPA: $40, 10 Sanity, 35 Intoxication.

The Bleeding Heart - Connecticut Avenue

  • Wheatgrass and Vodka: $30, 5 Sanity, 5 Intoxication. (This and the one below are the lowest Sanity/Intoxication Drink)
  • Gin and Tomato Juice: $30, 5 Sanity, 5 Intoxication.
  • Soy Milk White Russian: $70, 10 sanity, 20 Intoxication.

The Devil's Inn - Contitution Avenue (Note: Here lobbyists and Congressmen can talk)

  • Hypnotic Tonic: $50, 5 Sanity, 15 Intoxication.
  • Demon's Blood: $500, 20 Sanity, 100 Intoxication. (This is the fastest Sanity/Intoxication Drink)
  • Unpronoucable Green Stuff: $300, 15 Sanity, 30 Intoxication.

The Buissnesman's Lunch - Massachusetts Avenue NW

  • Scotch on the rocks, Single Malt: $200, 15 Sanity, 35 Intoxication
  • Long Island Ice Tea: $50, 15 Sanity, 50 intoxication (This is the most Cost/Sanity Efficent Drink)
  • Glass of Red Wine: $100, 10 Sanity, 20 Intoxication
  • Gin and Tonic: $50, 10 Sanity, 30 Intoxication

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